Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (2023)

Looking for information on a good prediction site that takes the lead for real football prediction?

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Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (1)

We’ve got the list of the best 10

How often do you visit any of the football prediction websites in Nigeria, for the best football bet tips and predictions, before placing your bets?

Can you actually tell the outcome of a football match without a soccer score predictor? I mean football draw predictions?

Best soccer predictions for today is what many look for to make the best decisions for each day’s match, who loves to lose? No one.

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (2)

In this updated post about the best football prediction sites in Nigeria, you’ll find out why and how each of these platforms for real football prediction stack up.

You’ll find information about platforms that provides Free Soccer and Accurate Football predictions,and most recommended tipspredictionfor dailybest Leagues to bet on, odds banker, football stakes and more.

At the end of this piece, you’ll be informed about the best soccer prediction site that predicts sports outcomes, accurately.


Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (3)

List of 14 Good Prediction Site That Predict Football Matches Correctly

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Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (4)

NOTE: This list was compiled based on Alexa ranking as at the 2nd of January 10th, 2020.

1. Overlyzer []Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (5)

Overlyzer is clearly the tool for professional tipsters and those who want to be. Especially for in-play soccer betting, the site offers great advantages.

With over 800 leagues covered, Overlyzer shows exactly how much pressure is exerted by both teams and setting the game situation in relation using easy-to-understand graphs.

The blue line stands for the pressure of the home team, the red line for the pressure of the away team. The higher the line, the more likely a team will score within the next minutes.

As a registered user, it’s possible to set custom filters so you see only games that are interesting for your upcoming live bets.

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Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (6)

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Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (7)

Filter options include all metrics of the game, such as possession, shots, corner kicks, pressure values, but also pre-game and live odds.

2. Betensured []

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (8) is one good prediction site with all the best features

This online website gives bettors football tips to aid soccer prediction that will give them an advantage over other bettors at the betting centre or on any of the football betting sites.

Accurate soccer prediction that earns you more victories than losses is definitely guaranteed on this site. uses relevant statistics and trends, risk management inclusive, to dish out all soccer predictions be it French Ligue, La Liga, etc with a minimum of 90% accuracy.

Accord to Alexa ranking, it is the 127th site in Nigeria but the 1st of the best football prediction sites. How about checking it out?

Visit For more information

3. Tips180 Soccer Prediction []

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (9)

Ranking 543rd site in Nigeria and 2nd on this list of good football prediction sites that have got free soccer predictions and free football tips on the menu.

This site is one of the football prediction websites that have experts using detailed analysis, betting tips, etc. to give accurate soccer prediction.

Need help with that bet prediction? Visit

4. Victor Predict []

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (10)

VictorPredict is a free football predictions website with an ultra-modern platform ranking 678th site in Nigeria, based on Alexa rankings.

VictorsPredict is an online service that provides free football tips and predictions for football fans around the world, free analysis, latest results, league tables and many more.

On their website, you’ll find upcoming picks, latest winnings, double chance, sure 2 odds, draws, super singles, BTT/GG in both their basic and silver plans.

You can contact VictorPredict site via or on +234 902 856 9342

5. Confirmbets []

Are you confused with picking either over 2.5, BTTS, under 2.5, or single bet? Say no more. Confirm Bets ranks 978th website in Nigeria and 4thon my list of top soccer prediction sites.

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Confirmbets has got gurus to help you make better decision by providing reliable and profitable tips on one of the top football prediction site.

Check them out on this link

6. Stakegains []

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (11)

Stakegains has also made it to the list of good prediction sites in Nigeria, ranking 1262nd website in Nigeria and the 5th on my list.

It is one of the rare soccer prediction sites that give evergreen predictions for sure games. They also claim to have the best soccer prediction App.

It is not a football betting site but has got sure wins football predictions, made by football maestros, with a minimum of 80% accuracy.

I have not seen what has attracted more consistent cheers than a football match; even teachers wish male students especially would place their subjects above the names of the top 10 richest footballers in the world.

I, for one, have not seen seriousness so serious on the face of a bettor when he is watching a match…you would not blame the uneasiness, right?

But what if he knew there were football prediction sites? Do you think he will smile a little or relax more during the match?

More Accurate Football Prediction Website

You’ve definitely seen the top 5. Still, the following hot football prediction sites are a game-changer. Check the list out.

7. Oddslot Soccer Prediction Website

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (12)

Oddslot is one of the good prediction sites in Nigeria that offers free soccer predictions and daily soccer betting tips.

It is the 1427th site in Nigeria and the 6th on my list of top best football prediction sites.

8. Forecastr

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (13)

Ranking 1461st site in Nigeria and owning the 7th position on my list of best prediction sites in Nigeria.

Forecastr is one big hot prediction site that gives you an unlimited list of soccer predictions but here is the thing, you need to subscribe to see this exclusive list. is the link to use to visit one of the soccer prediction websites in Nigeria for either today’s football prediction or football prediction for tomorrow.

9. Score Predictor

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (14)

As it name implies, it predicts either BTTS, over 2.5, under 2.5, single bet, etc for a football match.

It is one of the football prediction websites that is not limited to soccer prediction for today or tomorrow but also involved in basketball and handball.

It is the 8th best football prediction site as it ranks the 1325th site in Nigeria.

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More Football Prediction Sites

There are more football prediction websites on this list.

10. Sport Verified

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (15)

Looking for verification of the match prediction you thought of? You are actually at the right bus stop.

Not excluded from the list of good prediction site in Nigeria, it guides punters on football predictions and betting.

This soccer prediction site supplies “the best and most accurate soccer prediction anytime, any day” in a unique way.

It is the 2062nd site in the country and can be visited via

11. Betloy

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (16)

It is one of soccer prediction sites that guarantee victory over the bookies with the best football tips.

Betloy is one accurate prediction site that forecasts for football match prediction banker, with its 100% free football match predictions.

Its service was said to be rated the “best football prediction site of the year”. Nevertheless, it is the 2194th site in Nigeria and ranks 9th on this list of best sports prediction sites.

12. Betshoot

Betshoot is another football prediction website in Nigeria that ranks 2438th site in the country, hence, bagging the 10th position on this list of good football prediction sites.

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (17)

Follow this link for more information.

13. Fcpredicts

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (18)

On the 11th position of all good prediction site, FCPredicts assures you of accurate football prediction as their motto is “winning is our priority”.

Follow this link to join the winning team.

14. 1960Tips

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (19)

When you join this football prediction website, you are not just talking football predictions or football tips to earn you more cash, you will also be making extra through referral.

Free market tips for free members is assured, Whatsapp chat is accessible, and many more. To get more goodies on one of the many soccer prediction sites, visit

15. Betpera

Top 14 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021 - Oasdom (20)

Betpera is the last on the list of top good soccer prediction sites but the 3583rd site in Nigeria.

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You can visit for more information on soccer prediction, match prediction, soccer predictions for today, soccer betting tips, sure win soccer predictions, etc.

BETENSURED is not just one of the top football prediction sites but an accurate football prediction website that gives guidance to the risk-takers on the journey they are about to embark on, betting.

It has a better-guaranteed victory, reliable predictions, and an average accuracy that is at a minimum of 90%. predicts games like Premier league, la liga, etc, using important statistics and trends while considering possible outcomes.

The Best Football Prediction Site of the Year

Follow any of the links above; I can assure you that they rate themselves as the best football prediction site of the year.

I try small, ko? But tell me, which is actually the best football prediction site of the year?

Is it still betloy?..abeg o, make una tell me I no wan drink garri again. You know what, let’s have your opinion and reasons in the comment section below this post.

To get the best football tips of the day, visit any of the top 5 best prediction websites listed in this article. Other sites listed also provide football tips of the day.

Gambling, they once said and still say, is bad mainly because of the consequences of its addiction but despite all talks, whoops of victory, and/or cries of defeat of a gambling game; betting is as old as time.

The word “betting” has become an ancestor, a great-great-great-grandparent to games, with football at the centre of it all.

The bad-mouthing of gambling’s entire being in itself has not stopped the birth of many of the football prediction sites and top football betting sites alongside.

There is a great difference between watching a match and watching a match after placing a bet; the adrenaline and alertness of the sense organs; your reaction to the way the ball moves is entirely different.

Football betting is fun especially when you are raking in your cash but heart-wrenching painful when you lose especially without a point in the right direction.

I know how it feels to lose everything and wish you had half; that day I understood the saying “half bread is better than none”.

The agony of losing the game that weekend is an ever-fresh memory; a game spoilt the entire success. Damn! That was my last cash. I drank my garri o.

I had called my guru friend to ask her, what bet to place; alas! It was not as reliable as the last.

I don’t really watch football matches and know so little about football except for Barca Messi, Juve C.Ronaldo, and Madrid’s Marcelo but I jump at an opportunity to earn more when I see an opportunity. I heard you, ma sun (stay awake) abi.

No be only me waka come for this one, if not all of us, some of us have that friend that can qualify for one of the good prediction sites in Nigeria that make you count cash instead of biting nails.

Good Prediction Site In Nigeria Summary

Football has got a special bond with mostly men than the women… (I’m not trying to be chauvinistic here, just stating facts from my end here)… we love football, right?

Why not make money, while loving what we love, using everything at our disposal from watching football matches ourselves over time.

Interestingly, you can now do it easily with football tips from any of the goodprediction site in Nigeria, and place bets on any of the sports betting sites.

Here’s a quick recap once more:

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  1. Overlyzer
  2. Betensured
  3. Tips180 Soccer Prediction
  4. Victor Predict
  5. Confirmbets
  6. Stakegains
  7. Oddslot Soccer Prediction
  8. Score Predictor
  9. Sport Verified
  10. Betloy
  11. Betshoot
  12. Fc Predicts
  13. 1960Tips
  14. BetPera

Found this post helpful and engaging? I can’t wait to have your comment.


Which prediction site was best in 2021? ›

Top 10 best and most popular football prediction websites
  • Football365. tips.

Which site is most accurate for football prediction? ›

PredictZ is hailed by many as the best and most reliable football prediction site in the world. They provide football tips, free analysis, football form and statistics, latest results, league tables, and many more.

Where can I get sure football predictions? ›

FootballPredictions.NET is the best site for free football predictions in the world. While some others seem to make random selections with a spinner wheel, we work hard to maintain our reputation by way of dedicated research. After all, the site has been built by soccer fans.

Which prediction site is the best in 2022? ›

  • STAKEGAINS. Well our number one is Stakegains (remember not necessarily the best), you can visit their website. ...
  • FOREBET. ...
  • HINTWISE. ...
  • PREDICT Z. ...

How can I win a bet easily? ›

Promoted Stories
  1. The favourite doesn't always win. ...
  2. Don't just stick to one bookmaker – shop around. ...
  3. The fewer selections, the better. ...
  4. Avoid the temptation of odds-on prices. ...
  5. Consider the less obvious markets. ...
  6. Make sure you understand the markets. ...
  7. Don't bet with your heart. ...
  8. Pick your moment.
11 Apr 2018

Who is the best team prediction site? ›

Fantasy sports are largely based on the concept of a game of skills, in which users create their own teams and are awarded points based on their chosen players' on-field performance.
  • India Fantasy. ...
  • Cricgram. ...
  • The Sports Rush. ...
  • Fantasy Pandit. ...
  • Dream11 tips. ...
  • Myfinal 11. ...
  • Kheltalk. ...
  • Cricketaddictor.
31 Mar 2022

Who is the best prediction app? ›

Best Cricket Prediction Apps List
  • Probo. Probo is one of the most famous prediction applications in India. ...
  • Rooter. Rooter App which is famous for gaming, live streams, esports, and interactions is also a cricket prediction app. ...
  • Nostra Pro. ...
  • Zingura Play. ...
  • Tenner. ...
  • Conclusion.

Which app gives the best prediction? ›

The 6 best soccer betting and statistics apps in 2022
  • Overlyzer. This is one of the best known and most complete soccer statistics and trends applications on the market today. ...
  • Betensured. ...
  • WinDrawWin. ...
  • PredictZ. ...
  • ForeBet. ...
  • Mighty Tips.

What is the best site to bet on football? ›

  • DraftKings Sportsbook. DraftKings is at the top of the list because it has all the elements of what you look for in an NFL betting site. ...
  • Caesars Sportsbook.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook. ...
  • BetRivers Sportsbook. ...
  • FanDuel Sportsbook. ...
  • PointsBet Sportsbook.

Do fixed matches exist? ›

Yes of course,fixed match do exist but getting it is not that easy. Some might not believe in it again because they've fallen into the traps of scammers or fake source and got ripped off their hard end funds.

Who is the best tipster in football? ›

1. JK Diego's Draw Betting System. So the moment you have all been waiting for…the number one position in our Best Football Tipster rankings…is the one and only JK Diego's Draw Betting System!

Which prediction is accurate? ›

Prediction accuracy is expressed as the correlation between the AMS prediction and the actual score. Accuracy of 1 indicates a perfect accuracy, whereas the accuracy of 0 indicates a random guess.

What is the safest bet in football? ›

Double Chance allows betting on two outcomes of a sporting event, increasing the chances of winning. This type of bet is commonly used in football matches. It's one of the easiest and safest bets on football because it involves two possible results. You can pick either a home win/draw; away win/draw; home win/away win.

Is Forebet accurate? ›

The average accuracy of Forebet's predictions and tips is about 15-20% when you take into consideration and calculate all the tips they provide for each day in comparison to the actual final results of the matches.

How can I bet without losing? ›

Beginner's Methods Of Winning Bets Without Losing
  1. Carry out Extensive Research. ...
  2. Avoid Overconfidence. ...
  3. Make use of a Handicapper. ...
  4. Avoid Parlays.
14 Jul 2022

How do I win football bets everyday? ›

7 Best Tips for How to Win at Football Betting in 2022
  1. Follow Tipsters. A tipster is a person who is a consultant for predicting sports events. ...
  2. Benefit from Matched Betting. ...
  3. Use Analytics, Avoid Emotions. ...
  4. Know Betting Markets. ...
  5. Use Trustworthy Bookies with High Odds. ...
  6. Use Detailed Statistics. ...
  7. Track Your Bets. ...
  8. Conclusion.
15 Jul 2022

Which site is best for both teams to score? ›

ProTipster is a great source of BTTS football tips, which arrive after in-depth research. Thanks to the detailed BTTS stats we provide for every football game, our users are able to post successful BTTS betting tips.

Which is the best Dream 11 prediction website? ›

Crix11 is a biggest and best Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Prediction website. If you are looking for Today Match Prediction, Dream11 Prediction, Myteam11 prediction, Halaplay Prediction, Fanfight prediction or any fantasy cricket prediction then you will find on crix11.

Who is the best bet tipster in the world? ›

Top Tipsters
#TipstersAll picks
# 1petkoff19498
# 2soccerfan15017
# 3gecal788772
# 4maxy7776210
40 more rows

Which is the best color prediction site? ›

  • #1 Zeus989 : Best Colours Prediction Games 2022. The refer-and-earn programme at Zeus989 is among the best in the industry. ...
  • #2 VClub : Best Colours Prediction Games 2022. ...
  • #3 WClub : Best Colours Prediction Games 2022. ...
  • #5 CockFightGames : Best Colours Prediction Games 2022. ...
  • #6 CWin : Best Colours Prediction Games 2022.
27 Oct 2022

Who is famous for predicting the future? ›

Michel de Nostredame

What is the best algorithm for football match predictions? ›

In addition, we can also see that these three algorithms have different prediction ability for “win”, “draw” and “lose”. Random forest has the best ability to predict “win” and convolution neural network has the best ability to predict “lose”. All three algorithms are not able to predict “draw” correctly (Figure 5).

Which is the best prediction channel on telegram? ›

Discover the best and biggest Telegram channels for sport betting – tips, tickets, predictions, fixed matches.
  • bet365 fixer™ ...
  • ☆ Sheyx (BET) ☆ ...
  • Trusted Cricket Online Book. ...
  • Baazigar™️ ...
  • Sports Bet365. ...
  • Betway Sports. ...
  • 22Bet Fix Reports.

Which site is better than Bet365? ›

The following is a list of the best Bet365 alternatives:
  • #1 Betvictor. 5 Star Review Rating. OUR RATING FOR: BETVICTOR. 5 | 5. ...
  • #2 Coral. Very similar to Bet365. OUR RATING FOR: CORAL. 4.5 | 5. ...
  • #3 William Hill. Big rival for Bet365. OUR RATING FOR: WILLAIM HILL. ...
  • #4 Ladbrokes. Good alternative to Bet365. OUR RATING FOR: LADBROKES.
21 Oct 2022

Where is the best place to place a bet? ›

Top 10 US sports betting sites
  • FanDuel Sportsbook.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook.
  • Caesars Sportsbook.
  • WynnBET Sportsbook.
  • BetRivers Sportsbook.
  • DraftKings Sportsbook.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook.
  • FOX Bet Sportsbook.
20 Oct 2022

Which countries fix matches? ›

A number of clubs in countries across the world have been subject to match fixing, including Australia, China, and Spain. The South African national team has also been investigated.

Who is the king of fixed matches? ›

John Obi King - fixed games - the king of fixed | LinkedIn.

Is UK fixed match real? ›

No such thing as a legitimate website for fix matches. It's impossible. Fix match is an illegal business, do not expect it to get listed on a website.

What are the three types of prediction? ›

Types of predictions
  • Inductive. Predictions can be generated inductively. Today it is sunny. ...
  • Deductive. A second type of prediction is generated deductively. So, imagine that I am waiting for a colleague of mine. ...
  • Abductive. There is a third type of prediction, which is different from the previous two.
18 Sept 2017

Which is the best site to predict games? ›

Predictz is a well-known free football prediction website with a global reach. On predictz website you can see predictions for score line of different matches gives you over 2.5 matches and both teams to score (BTTS) tips.

Can predictions be wrong? ›

It's based on a wide range of uncertainty. There are a lot of factors that go into making a prediction, and the odds of any one prediction being right or wrong are always wide. You cannot be 100% certain of anything that you believe about the path of the events and trends surrounding you.

What is the best age to bet? ›

FLORIDA REGULATIONS REQUIRE PARTICIPATES TO BE 18 years old to enter and play in any bestbet poker room.

What is the best punishment for a bet? ›

What Are The Best Punishments For Losing A Bet?
  • Good Old Cash (I Bet You $100) You can always rely on the most common punishment for the loser of a bet — cold hard cash. ...
  • Pay For A Night Out. ...
  • Get A Tattoo. ...
  • Wear A Football Jersey Of Your Friends Choice. ...
  • Mow The Lawn All Summer. ...
  • Apply For Naked Attraction.

What type of bet is most profitable? ›

Football. Many sports bettors consider football to be the best sport to bet on, and it is without a doubt the most popular. Betting on the NFL and college football brings in the most sports betting handle each year.

Is Windrawwin accurate? ›

On average we predict around 1 in 10 games (10%) as an exact correct score winner (at our last count, for the current season we predicted 26609 completed games, and 2780 of those were exact correct score winners. That's 10.4% to be exact).

How accurate is Fivethirtyeight soccer? ›

Near 50% correct is impressive for soccer due to the chance of a draw. Only having 22.06% completely wrong isn't too shabby either. After the quick data dump and analysis, I became curious if the 538 predictions have any patterns. Interesting thing about 538 is that they never pick "draw" as the most likely outcome.

Which sport is hardest to predict? ›

Nonetheless, I would say that the hardest sports to predict would have to be horse racing, golf, and snooker. What's the quickest way to learn a sport?

Which is the most accurate Cricket prediction site? ›

Here at TheTopBookies, we provide the most complete and accurate cricket predictions. All major tournaments around the world - including the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash, and the ICC World Cup - are covered by our cricket tips.

Which prediction site is the best in Nigeria? ›

Top 5 Best Betting Prediction App In Nigeria
  1. Betensured.
  2. Preditz. ...
  3. WindrawWin. ...
  4. Full- time predict. Football match Predictions in this app are offered for free with no hidden charges. ...
  5. ZuluBet. ZuluBet is a betting prediction app that provides its users with calculations of viable outcomes and tips with no membership fee. ...
12 Jan 2022

How accurate is Betensured prediction? ›

Betensured is the ONLY football betting website, where you can get today's matches prediction. While this seems like a big claim to make, we actually do provide accurate daily predictions on all matches played today as well as on other days.

Will 2022 be a hot year? ›

According to NCEI's Global Annual Temperature Outlook, there is a greater than 99% chance that 2022 will rank among the 10-warmest years on record but less than 11% chance that it will rank among the top five.

Is this year gonna be hot 2022? ›

The average global temperature for 2022 is forecast to be between 0.97°C and 1.21°C (with a central estimate of 1.09 °C) above the average for the pre-industrial period (1850-1900): the eighth year in succession when temperatures have exceeded 1.0°C above pre-industrial levels.

What is the most trend in 2022? ›

These Fashion Trends Defined 2022 — Here's How To Shop Them
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Sweats 2.0. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Voluminous Silhouettes. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Platform Shoes. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Low-Rise Pants. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: The Color Purple. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Regencycore, Continued. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Cutouts.
14 Oct 2022

What is the best football tips site? › (5/10)

Over 200,000 Twitter followers can attest to the website, with Football Tips utilising expert tipsters to offer enhanced odds for all things within the sport, with the bet of the day a very popular choice for many punters.

How can I predict Bet9ja and win? ›

  1. Login. Register a new account or log in to your existing Bet9ja account.
  2. Predict. Answer the correct score of 6 selected matches in the given game week.
  3. Submit. Once satisfied, submit your answers at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!


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