The Average Software Developer Salary in Europe (2023)

What’s the first place you think of when finding the best destinations for high-paying tech jobs? At the top of many candidates’ lists will be the United States — or Silicon Valley, to be more exact. Although the United States is understandably the first location many software engineers, developers and other tech candidates think of when searching for careers with high salaries; it isn’t the only option. Depending on how senior you are and your experience, you might be overlooking places in Europe that offer high-tech wages and much more. If you’re a software developer and currently deciding between countries, here’s the average software developer salary in Europe to help you narrow down your decision.

Despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, its impact has seen one huge change come about; the fact that employees are now in control more so than ever. Now, companies are fighting for the best tech talent. They’re doing it by offering unique perks and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, they’re finally offering large sums of money to win the race and land the best talent possible.

Average salary for developer in: Berlin, Germany

Intermediate average software developer salary: $65,689 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $76,407 USD

Dubbed by many as Silicon Allee, Berlin is thought to be the home of a new startup founded every 20 minutes in the nation’s capital. Major powerhouses ranging from Airbnb and Amazon to Shopify and HubSpot have their footprint in Berlin, with German startups thought to have raised a record €3.4 billion in capital last year — the majority of which went to Berlin.

Berlin is perfect for software developers due to its culture, quality of life, low rent and cost of living. As countries like the UK begin to lose tech talent, cities like Berlin are proving to be more attractive. Germany, in general, is loosening its grip on immigration rules, it’s an international community of innovators and the mature ecosystem makes Berlin a favorable option.

Average salary for developer in: Zurich, Switzerland

Intermediate average software developer salary: $103,235 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $116,925 USD

Progression and salary increases are brilliant in Zurich and across Switzerland. The average entry-level salary is $87,693, while seniors with over 20 years of experience in software development are looking at roughly $152,420.

Like other major cities dotted around Europe, Zurich is quickly establishing itself as a bonafide tech hub, home to many startups in crypto, blockchain and fintech. The likes of Google, Microsoft, SAP, Apple, Infosys, Oracle, Zurich Insurance and many more can call Zurich home and are on the hunt for talented software developers.

With its urban life, nature, friendly people and enjoyable culture, Zurich boasts a high quality of life every software developer deserves.

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Average salary for developer in: Lisbon, Portugal

Intermediate average software developer salary: $26,830 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $56,202 USD

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Lisbon should also be a serious contender for software developers looking to move abroad. It has an enviable climate (with warm winters), a low crime rate, quality of medicine and education, an enjoyable pace of life and residents are offered tax exemptions.

Software developers and entrepreneurs alike have pinpointed Lisbon as the ideal destination due to its low cost and eventual rise as a growth hub in the future. Combined with a beachside lifestyle and expected growth, it’s no surprise the likes of Feedzai, Sensei, Sqill and Envoy have found success here.

Average salary for developer in: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Intermediate average software developer salary: $63,100 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $78,344 USD

With an affordable cost of living and ranking third in Europe’s tech connectivity index, Luxembourg City is popular with tech professionals. The different cultures, food, languages, transport links safety, high healthcare standard and high startup investment levels make Luxembourg City a must on any list.

With tech companies such as JobToay, Talkwalker and Doctena on the hunt for software developers, be sure not to overlook Luxembourg City.

Average salary for developer in: Oslo, Norway

Intermediate average software developer salary: $62,400 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $82,000 USD

Like any city in Norway, Oslo is beautiful with one of the world’s best healthcare systems, cultural integration is seamless, the salaries are relatively high and it offers an outdoor lifestyle for adventure lovers. Not only that, but Oslo has proven to be one of the happiest cities on the planet.

Software developers are in high demand in Oslo, with plenty of exciting job opportunities available. Green tech, such as sustainability, dominates the tech scene in Oslo with the likes of Opera Software and Kahoot! some of the more well-known organizations that are keen to hire talented software developers.

Average salary for developer in: Stockholm, Sweden

Intermediate average software developer salary: $45,000 USD

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Senior average software developer salary: $69,749 USD

Another gorgeous, green city located in Scandinavia is Stockholm in Sweden. The nation’s capital encompasses 14 islands and the city itself is clean and modern with an equal society. Like most cities in Scandinavia, Stockholm has low crime rates, an enjoyable pace of life, outdoors-y and offers a fantastic work-life balance.

The city’s tech space is something to behold. It includes a mix of hypergrowth scaleups and startups, with Stockholm being the second-largest region globally that produces more billion-dollar companies per capita — only behind Silicon Valley.

With Unomaly, Truecaller and Mondido some of the many notable tech companies, software developers will be spoiled for choice in terms of a high-paying career.

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Average salary for developer in: Dublin, Ireland

Intermediate average software developer salary: $59,334 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $64,392 USD

Being the eighth European digital city, Dublin offers a wide range of excellent career opportunities for software developers searching for a new home. The people, location, food, housing, work-life balance, transport links and a booming jobs market have turned Dublin into one of the best urban living destinations.

Dublin is also home to some of the best tech businesses, such as TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Facebook and Indeed. With so many startups also popping up regularly, Dublin is perfect for any software developer searching for a European adventure.

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Average salary for developer in: London, England

Intermediate average software developer salary: $73,575 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $101,032 USD

London is the answer if you want to experience Silicon Valley without moving to the United States. Despite Brexit and COVID-19 throwing up many surprises, London has stabilized itself as it attracted $10.5 billion in venture capital last year. Tech businesses are on the rise and the job market is booming as they try to fill skills gaps.

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However, the salaries are high because the cost of living is famously high throughout the UK, too. Despite that, the likes of Octopus Energy, Revolut and KidsLoop are constantly searching for software developers. London has it all, whether it’s fintech you’re into or anything from electric vehicles to edtech.

Average salary for developer in: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Intermediate average software developer salary: $63,900 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $72,978 USD

The fact that some of America’s biggest businesses have chosen Amsterdam as their European headquarters should tell you enough about why the Netherlands’ capital is a must for software developers. Tesla, Netflix, Uber — the list goes on and will continue to grow.

The history, quality of life, job opportunities, easy commutes, and culture make Amsterdam popular for visitors and whoever ends up moving there. The work-life balance is excellent. It has a small village feeling which makes it cozy and is essentially the gateway to Europe. You’ll never get bored of exploring the wonders of Amsterdam.

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Wages in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Intermediate average software developer salary: $73,050 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $120,076 USD

Rounding off Scandinavia in our list is Copenhagen. Like its Scandinavian counterparts, Denmark’s capital has a thriving tech hub with green tech and fintech at its heart. With both industries constantly on the rise, software developers are always in demand.

Nordic dining, ease of life, a healthy work-life balance for software developers and a low carbon footprint — it’s no wonder Copenhagen is a popular destination for tech talent. Combine that with notable tech companies such as Momond, SYBO games and Wippo IT, Copenhagen needs to be a serious consideration.

Wages in: Hamburg, Germany

Intermediate average software developer salary: $57,398 USD

Senior average software developer salary: $65,466 USD

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Berlin isn’t the only tech hotspot in Germany. If the capital isn’t your scene, the beauty, greenery, nordic flair, safe environment, culture, history, food, entertainment a vibrant commercial center make Hamburg an excellent alternative. That’s not to mention the high-paying salaries on offer for software developers.

While living in Hamburg means you’ll pay 40% of your gross income on things like insurance and care, employers cover half of this cost, so you never lack an income in Hamburg. If a tech hub filled with companies like Twitter, Snapchat, Yelp, Airbnb and Google sounds like your scene, check out what Hamburg has to offer.

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Which country comes out on top for software engineering salaries? The United States is highest on the list, with Israel and several European countries trailing behind. The top three in our comparison are: the United States, Switzerland, and Israel.

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Software developers in Germany are paid handsomely and are in high demand.

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Software Engineers working in Germany earn normally around 60.000 EUR per year and most of the Software salaries are between 45.000 EUR and 80.000 EUR per year.

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Software development jobs have always been in high demand for technology companies across Europe. Working within IT & Technology recruitment in Europe, these roles play a big part in the services we offer at Madison Bridge.

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