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This privacy statement explains what personal information we collect from our users and how it is used.

For the processing of our users’ data, we have implemented all the technical and organizational security measures established in the current legislation.

Who we are?

Universe2grow, Unipessoal, LDA, tax identification (NIF513892834), hereinafter referred to as “CAFE RACER GARAGE” is the entity responsible for your data and which is behind the website, which belongs entirely to you.

You can contact us by postal mail Rua dos Barros, n665, Bregieira, Santa-Eufémia, Leiria, 2420-255, Portugal, and by email


The “user” is the person who browses, on any of its pages or sections. From the moment the user has access to browsing, he establishes a relationship in which he accepts the terms and conditions, as well as the policies set out here.

Users under the age of 18 require the consent of their parents or guardians for the processing of their data. “Cafe Racer Garage” has no way of effectively checking the age of users, therefore, it is exempt from any responsibility, if the user does not comply with what is stated here.

What we don’t do:

We never ask for personal information unless it is really necessary to provide the products and/or services you need or send advertising for what we sell.
We never share personal information about our users with anyone, except to comply with the law, a contract, or if we have your express authorization.
We will never use our users’ data for a purpose other than that expressed in this privacy policy.

The law:

This website is adapted to comply with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals (GDPR).

Principles that we will apply to personal information

In the processing of our users’ data, we will apply the following principles:

  • Principle of legality, loyalty, and transparency: We will always inform you about the processing of our users’ data for one or more specific purposes that we will inform with absolute transparency.

  • Data minimization principle: we will only request data that is strictly necessary for relation to the purposes for which we request it.

  • Principle of limitation of the conservation period: the data will be kept for the time necessary for the treatment, depending on the objective, we will inform the corresponding conservation period, in the case of subscriptions, we will periodically review our lists.

  • Principle of integrity and confidentiality: The personal data of our users will be treated to guarantee adequate security and confidentiality. We take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of data by third parties.

What are your rights?

Users can access their data, request data rectification or, if necessary, request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. In certain circumstances, users may request to limit the processing of their data, in which case we will keep only those that are mandatory for administrative, legal, security purposes or the exercise or defense of possible complaints.

In certain circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, interested parties may object to the processing of your data, in this case, we will stop processing the data, except for legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.

Users have the right to receive the personal data they have provided in a structured format, in common use and mechanical reading, and to transmit it to another person responsible for processing when:

  • Treatment is based on consent.

  • The data was provided by the user and

  • Treatment is carried out by automated means.

When exercising their right to data portability, the user will have the right to transmit personal data directly from “Cafe Racer Garage” to the new responsible person, whenever technically possible.

Users will also be entitled to effective judicial protection and to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission if they consider that the processing of personal data that concerns them violates the GDPR.

How do we collect your data?

When a user enters, as well to send an email to the owner, make a subscription or a contract, he provides personal information for which we are responsible, that information may include personal data, such as his address IP, name, physical address, email address, phone number, and other information.

At there are different systems for collecting personal data and each system has a purpose:

  • Contact form: We request the following personal data: Name, E-mail, to respond to the requirements of users. We may use this data to answer questions, complaints, comments, or concerns regarding the information included. at, the services provided, the treatment of personal data, as well as any other questions that the user may have and that are not subject to the contracting conditions. The data that the user provides will be located on the server where is stored

Failure to provide the necessary minimum personal data will make it impossible for Cafe Racer Garage to respond to the request. This treatment will be considered legitimate because it is part of a pre-contractual approach.

  • Subscription form: We request the following personal data: Name, E-mail, to manage the list of subscriptions, to send newsletters, promotions, and special offers, ours or third parties. The data is provided by the user when subscribing. Within there are several forms to activate the subscription. “Cafe Racer Garage” will ask users for their express and voluntary consent when providing the minimum data necessary to send advertising and commercial information related to the services and/or products offered by so that they can be added to an automated email marketing file managed by the controller indicated below. The processing of personal data found in this section is done with the consent of the data subject. Newsletters are managed by an email marketing manager, detailed in subcontractors.

  • Contracting form:We request the following personal information: name, email, address, to request any of the services or products offered at The information collected will allow processing of the request made by the user and billing. The data will be located on the servers where is stored. The legitimate treatment of personal data is through the contractual relationship with the client or user.

  • Affiliation registration form: To register for our affiliation program the user must register through this form subject to the specific contractual conditions of the affiliation program, where he will indicate the required products and/or services, and contact details. In this case, we ask for the following personal information: name, email, website. The data that the user provides will be located on the servers where is stored, and depending on the tool used, there may be a third party with whom it is necessary to share the data, the user will always be informed of this situation and the tools that will be used before proceeding with membership. This treatment is based on legal compliance with a contract.

There are other purposes for which we treat personal data:

  • Ensure compliance with the conditions of use and applicable law.

  • Support and improve the services offered by

Social networks may be present on social networks, in these cases, the treatment of followers’ data on social networks will be governed by this section, as well as the conditions of use, privacy policies, and access regulations that belong. to the social network in each case and previously accepted by the user. “Cafe Racer Garage” will process the personal data of users to correctly manage the presence of on the social network, informing about activities, products, or services, as well as for any other purpose than the regulations of the social networks allow.


The remarketing feature allows us to contact people who have already visited (web site) and associate a specific audience with a particular message. Remarketing is a method to get users who have visited our website to do so again. collects users’ data for remarketing, whenever they have given their consent to the use of these cookies.

The data we collect through remarketing is collected by Facebook and Google cookies. You can find out the data collected by these cookies in the privacy policies of each service.

This remarketing will only be done if the user agrees to give his free, express, and voluntary consent to the use of cookies.


We may select and publish statements and comments from customers or users on our services, which may contain personal data, we will obtain the user’s consent before publishing any testimony or opinion under his name. If such content is published, it will be available to other users of If the user wants to delete or remove his name or testimony from, he can contact us through the contact form or write to, but we cannot answer for those who have already were shared by others.

To which recipients will your information be communicated?

Many tools that we use to manage user data are contracted to third parties, these are referred to in the GDPR as “subcontractors”.

To provide the services strictly necessary for the development of the activity, data with the following providers under their corresponding privacy conditions:

  • Mailchimp®: Tool to automate commercial information bulletins and send to the data subject’s e-mail, advertising of products and/or services offered on the website. Service of the Rocket Science Group LLC, located in the United States of America, and has standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission which can be consulted at: // For more information about your privacy policy, you can go to

  • Facebook®: Tool used as a social network and for communications with users, customers, buyers, and participants and, to learn about the actions of data subjects on this site for advertising purposes (Facebook Pixel), sponsored advertising service (Ads). These services are provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd. can be contacted at 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2, Ireland. It has standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission which can be consulted at: For more information on the privacy policy, you can consult:

  • Google®: Web analysis service, to view website usage statistics (Analytics); backup service of your files in the cloud and easy access (Drive); sponsored advertising service (Ads), and; email service (Gmail). These services are the responsibility of the company Google LLC, located in Mountain View, California, United States of America, and have standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission which can be consulted at: / security / gdpr / resource-center. For more information on the privacy policy:

  • Moloni®: Invoicing software, provided by Moloni Lda, Av. José Malhoa, no. 2 – Tardoz, Edifício Malhoa Plaza, office 1.5, 1070 – 325 Lisbon, registration number and legal person PT513 321 527. More information about privacy policy at:

Data security and confidentiality

The Cafe Racer Garage of the data is committed to the use and treatment of personal data included by users, respecting their confidentiality and use by the purpose of the same, as well as to fulfilling their obligation to keep them and adopt all measures to avoid unauthorized alteration, loss, treatment or access, by the provisions of current data protection regulations. includes an SSL certificate, that is, a security protocol that makes data travel integrally and safely, that is, the data transmission between a server and the user of, and in feedback, be fully encrypted or encrypted.

Cafe Racer Garage cannot guarantee the absolute impregnability of the Internet network and, therefore, the breach of data through fraudulent access to them by third parties.

Regarding the confidentiality of the processing, Cafe Racer Garage will ensure that any person authorized by it to process customer data (including its personnel, employees, and suppliers), will be under the obligation of confidentiality.

When a security incident occurs, Cafe Racer Garage must notify you by current law, without undue delay, and must provide timely information related to the security incident, as long as it is known or when the user reasonably requests it.

Accuracy and veracity of data

The user is solely responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data sent to, Cafe Racer Garage is exonerated from any responsibility in this regard.

Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the personal data provided, and undertake to keep them duly updated. The user agrees to provide complete and correct information on the corresponding form.

Changes on the privacy policy

This Privacy Policy may vary depending on legal requirements or self-regulation, therefore, we advise you to visit it periodically.

Cafe Racer Garage reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential changes, as well as sector practices. In these cases, Cafe Racer Garage will announce on this page the changes introduced with reasonable anticipation of their implementation.

This document was last updated on 13-11-2020.

The thanks you for your time spent reading this privacy policy.

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